About This Site

GoBook is a portal where various companies, small businesses, organisations and individuals ("the provider") can offer their clients / customers / members / subscribers ("the client") the ability to make online bookings for their facilities / services / events ("the service").
There are 2 registration options available:-
Client : You are a user of the services offered by providers who have subscribed to GoBook.
Upon registration, you will be able to make bookings for these services.
There are no costs involved in using this website.
Provider You are a provider of services and you wish to subscribe to GoBook so that your existing and future clients can use this website to make bookings for your services 24/7 from any web browser.
There is a small fixed monthly fee and a cost for each booking made by your clients.
A user logging on to the site as a client will be able to do the following:-
  • Make a booking and view and cancel his/her bookings.
  • View and maintain a list of providers that he/she has used or plans to use.
  • Update certain of his/her personal details.
  • Update his/her preferences – for example, whether he/she wants booking confirmations to be sent via SMS or via email.
  • If available, view his/her current balance for a selected provider.
A user logging on to the site as a provider will be able to do the following:-
  • Update certain of the provider’s details.
  • View and maintain schedules for the service(s) that the provider offers.
  • View and maintain a list of clients utilising the provider’s services. New clients may be added at any time, but details for an existing client may only be changed if the client has given the provider permission to do so.
  • View and maintain a list of bookings for the provider’s services. This would include making bookings on behalf of clients, confirming bookings to clients, etc.
  • View all financial transactions against the provider’s account with GoBook.
To find out more, request our provider brochure.